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Qoya is the simplest and most effective way for me to feel connected to my divinity. It is one of only a few things that make me feel truly plugged in. If I am not feeling particularly connected or grounded there is a long list of things that I can tap into to bring me back to my true essence and self. But there are only a few things that pull me back into the sacred heart of my divinity and these things are guaranteed to work every time. They include 1. Lovemaking and the moments after orgasm 2. Skydiving and the moment right after the parachute opens 3. Jumping into cold water 4. Qoya. All the other techniques such as meditating, eating a yummy meal, painting, practicing yoga, taking a bath, lighting incense (and more) do make me feel good every time. But when it comes to making me feel completely attuned to my inner goddess they are not full proof and often work only in the right circumstances or while coupled with another technique. Where as my four guaranteed techniques work every single time. And out of those four techniques Qoya is the only one that is available 100% of the time. Qoya is based on that idea that through movement we remember. This movement is not just any mindless movement, but intentional movement. Movement with purpose. Movement with meaning. Inspired movement. It could be as simple as ankle circles while sitting through a meeting or letting the music move you in an elevator. And through this intentional, purposeful, inspired movement we remember our true essence of being wise, wild and free. We remember our true divine selves. We remember that we are Love. And if God is Love then that must make us God.

The hardest thing about Qoya is deciding to pay attention. And that is not even difficult. The challenge really is just recognizing that there is an opportunity and taking it. And when you think about it, that is really a blessing. So if the hardest thing about Qoya is the ability to receive a blessing then that is a pretty good deal. My good friend and Qoya goddess Nicole says “(t)he idea of dancing to connect into our inner wisdom may be a new concept but it feels like the most natural thing the second you start...” And she is right. The feelings brought out through Qoya are so honest, pure, innate. I often ask myself why isn’t every woman practicing Qoya? I do have a few ideas on that. One reason is of course that they don't know about it yet. But the questions really is a topic for a separate blog (taking mental note). So in the meantime, I throw this question out to you... Even if you do practice Qoya, with all of it’s possibility why are you not practicing it more? If we want to embody our highest selves, and honor our soul’s calling, and serve the one’s we love, and find fulfilling joy in life then we owe it to ourselves to find the thing that connects us the most simply, deeply, and profoundly to our divinity. What is that for you? What reminds you that you are God? 

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